Sportage Club -

- дом, где живут Kia Sportage
основан в 2006г.

Внимание! В целях борьбы со спамом, новые пользователи НЕ могут начинать новые темы в форуме. Поэтому просьба задавать вопросы в уже существующих ветках, схожих по тематике. Надеемся на Ваше понимание.

Здравствуйте, гость ( Вход | Регистрация )

Индивидуальный подход, запчасти гарантированного качества, многолетний опыт, никакого официоза - дружеская атмосфера!

Обновление программного обеспечения блока управления двигателем, добавит лошадей, крутящего момента, снизит расход.

Чистые форсунки - залог хорошей работы двигателя. Мы проверяем и промываем форсунки на профессиональном стенде.

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This board features it's very own calendar feature, which can be accessed via the calendar link at the top of the board.

You are able to add your own personal events to the calendar - and these are only viewable by yourself. To add a new event, use the 'Add New Event' button to be taken to the event posting screen. There are three types of events that you can now add:

  • A single day/one off event can be added using the first option, by just selecting the date for it to appear on.

  • Ranged Event - is an event that spans across multiple days, to do this in addition to selecting the start date as above, will need to add the end date for the event. There are also options available  to highlight the message on the calendar, useful if there is more than one ranged event being displayed at any one time.

  • Recurring Event - is a one day event, that you can set to appear at set intervals on the calendar, either weekly, monthly or yearly.

If the admistrator allows you, you may also be able to add a public event, that will not just be shown to yourself, but will be viewable by everyone.

Also, if the admistrator has chosen,  there will be a link to all the birthdays happening on a particular day displayed on the calendar, and your birthday will appear if you have chosen to enter a date of birth in the Profile Info section of your control panel.
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